Why Kids Learn Well In Kindergarten Through Playing?

Even two decades ago, kids in kindergarten and preschool spent most of their time playing, drawing, building with blocks and being in their own imaginary worlds alone or with their classmates. However, the recent years have witnessed such activities getting replaced with teacher-led instructions that previously took place only in higher grades. Today, there are several schools where formal education is initiated as early as 4 or 5. If this early start was not there, children can lag behind in important subjects like mathematics and reading. Moreover, they may not even catch up. Hence the fundamental idea appears to be beginning sooner to learn more.

Effect of teacher-led learning

But a group of educators, education researchers and scientists say that this approach may not be a full-proof one and may not be successful in the long-run. It may rather have an opposite effect and can even slow down the process of cognitive and emotional development. Too much pressure can also lead to unnecessary stress and can even halt the desire of the children to learn more.

Some experts even claim that the new trend can actually be a misunderstanding of how kids should learn. Just concentrating on academics and reduced focus on extra-curricular activities can make the kids full. Many-a-times, those children are at a loss to understand what and why they are doing that, which is quite sad.

The educationalists that feel wary about teacher-led learning in singapore kindergarten and elsewhere believe that such a technique of learning in the early childhood years can actually backfire as such a mode of education may not produce innovative people who like to experiment and explore. The skeptics believe that such an early education system can only produce people that are passive in nature.

Are such kinds of citizens desirable for the 21st century?

It has been observed that young kids can learn and develop pretty fast. They can learn and experiment while playing. Today, young children are also getting a hang of their identities and their uniqueness as compared to their peers. There are some kids who benefit from being at a playgroup or a kindergarten at an early age. By participating in organized activities, there can be development in their learning skills in an informal environment. This, in turn, will make them ready for a formal school setup. It is very important to have a proper cultural identity. It is crucial for kids to have known faces around them with whom they can easily identify and who will appreciate their ethnic and cultural background. Children can learn things well while they are playing. Such activities help the kids to build up their self-respect since the kid gets a thorough feel if their abilities and also creates a feel good factor. It is fun go learn while playing.