Overcome Shyness While Strumming Away on the Guitar

If you are a naturally shy person, playing an instrument in front of others can throw you off your game. Overcoming stage fright is not always easy, but like many who have advocated this idea imagine the audience in their underwear. Once you get past the giggles, you can overcome performance anxiety.

Not anyone who learns how to play an instrument can get feedback (positive and negative) that he wants unless he shares his music. When the tones are on point and the story unfolds as one plays an instrument, you can bet that people will be drawn to the music. Here are a couple of ways to overcome shyness while strumming away on guitar lesson singapore

Even the Greats Have Stage Fright

Once you remember this, keep this on with you as you play your first piece in front of a huge crowd. You may get cheers or even are booed off the stage. The point is to keep on at it, and people will eventually appreciate the effort. In fact, the negative chant may change to applause. Even if nerves get the better of you – go with the flow and let the music do the talking.

Start Out Small

If you have been asked to perform for a small audience, do not deter from the goal. If you are feeling self-conscious and shy, let the limited audience know that your nerves are getting the better of you. They will encourage you to go on and go on you must.

Think Positive

Nothing can get as exciting as being lauded for the music that you belted out to the crowd. Before the performance dot not let your mind wander towards negative thoughts. Instead of going down that route, remind yourself that you are a good guitar player. People are there to listen to the music and not count the mistakes that you make. Positive thoughts are beneficial to make good music.

Keep the Adrenaline Going

The rush that you get when playing something that you like and having the audience join in with you is adrenaline thumping. To keep the fun going, do not dwell on performance or external stress. This is the time to shine.

Prep Yourself Well

Being prepared after practice creates a familiarity in the notes and the tone. The objective is to make sure that you follow certain steps like breathing exercise, checking the chords, doing a recce at the performance site, get enough sleep and you will rock the stage.

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