A Couple Of Character Building Activities For Kids

Every single person needs to be appreciated for what he or she has achieved. In a Singapore child care center, children are taught a couple of character building activities that are meant to be encouraging. Let us go through some of them.

Learning how to respect elders, aside from the parents is encouraged. Kids also learn that they must respect one another too.

Teaching children to be tactful is not an easy task, considering the number of question and answer sessions that the teacher may have to endure. Aside from the regular curriculum, tact is encouraged, especially in today’s time where there is widespread discord. They learn how to be judicious with their responses without hurting the sentiment of their classmates.

Teaching them to Care
Kids are taught how to be vigilant about their surroundings. They also learn how to care for the environment. It does not end here; they also learn how to care for elders, animals and to be emphatic towards another.

In doing something different from the norm, children automatically respond favourably. Props definitely set the tone for character building exercises. A child who is kind gets a star or a cape of honour. In teaching children kindness, they learn that being rude and grumpy is not the answer.

Being Someone Else
Role play is a fun way to capture the attention span of a child. In using this with a subject, like mathematics, children learn basic calculations. They get to imitate their favourite hero in another subject, which is beneficial in their overall growth.

Using Images
To highlight a point, children bring to the fore their ideas. They are encouraged to draw or illustrate something by enacting situations or pasting something in their books so that it tells a story. This encourages them to be resilient and never doubt their abilities.

Building character does not end with a couple of ideas. Children at Bright Juniors, for example, learn tolerance from the very first day. Accepting one another irrespective of gender, colour, economic status or religion is emphasized without being too verbose. It is the little things that make children respond, and the staff know that this is the best way.

A child care centre that caters to particular age groups ensures that they do not cross any lines. Parents are encouraged to keep in touch with the school. At the end of the day, children are taught regular subjects. However, without basic tools that build their character, they remain stuck in a rut. Hence, it extremely imperative to source a school that works on these parameters so that the kids are a whole lot happier and brighter.